Latest Past Events

NICER Programme Circular Economy Showcase 2023

Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham Birmingham

The NICER Programme Circular Economy Showcase is coordinated by the CE-Hub at the University of Exeter Business School for the NICER Programme and is the NICER Programme’s flagship annual conference. This exclusive three-day event showcased innovative CE Research and Action from across the NICER Programme through a series of sessions from each NICER Centre, including […]

CircularMetal workshop – Work Package Linkages and Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Battle of Britain Bunker, Wren Avenue, Uxbridge

The workshop had three sessions, each with a different focus. In the first session, there were oral presentations given by Early Career Researchers from our Centre on various topics such as Black Hole Alloys, The Metal Health Service, Macroeconomics, The Big Repair Project, and the CM Visions 2050 Report. The second session, chaired by Prof. […]

Towards the Circular Metal Economy: A Roadmap for the UK

The workshop entitled “Towards the Circular Metal Economy: A Roadmap for the UK” took place at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London, on the 24th of November. This event aimed to present the ‘2050 Circular Metal Visions’ report, to define the steps that need to be taken to achieve the full circular metal economy in the […]