• Papers

Multicomponent high-entropy Cantor alloys
Cantor B.
Progress in Materials Science 120, 100754 (2021)

Improved degassing efficiency and mechanical properties of A356 aluminium alloy castings by high shear melt conditioning (HSMC) technology
Lazaro-Nebreda J., Patel J.B., Fan Z.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 294, 117146 (2022)

In-situ microstructural control of A6082 alloy to modify second phase particles by melt conditioned direct chill (MC-DC) casting process – A novel approach
Manu K.M.S., Barekar N.S., Lazaro-Nebreda J., Patel J.B., Fan Z.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 295, 117170 (2022)

From simple binary to complex multicomponent eutectic alloys
Chang I. and Cai Q.
Progress in Materials Science 123, 100779 (2022)

Effect of solutes on grain refinement
Fan Z., Gao F., Wang Y., Men H., Zhou L.
Progress in Materials Science 123, 100809 (2022)


• Book chapters

“Discovery and significance of multicomponent high-entropy materials”
Brian Cantor
Chapter 1 in “High-entropy materials: theory, experiments and applications
Edited by Peter Liaw and Jamieson Brechtl
Springer, New York, 2021, Pages 1 – 36


• Reports

The Interdisciplinary Centre for CircularMetal
CM Centre
UKRI, 2021
Circular Metals





• Papers

An accelerated three-dimensional coupled electromagnetic-mechanical model for electromagnetic pulse forming
Zhou M., Li Z., Assadi H., Chang I., Barbatti C.
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 72, 240 – 251 (2021)

Magnetic characterisation of strain ageing in near eutectoid drawn pearlitic wire using an electromagnetic (EM) sensor
B.L. Jones, M.A. Jolfaei, S. Hobson, W.M. Rainforth, C.L. Davis
Engineering Failure Analysis 131, 105909 (2022)

Process Optimization and Characterization of Ultra-Thin Dissimilar Sheet Material Joints for Battery Applications Using Ultrasonic Welding
Singh A.R., Sudarsan C., Das A., Hazra S. and Panda S.K.
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 31, 4133 – 4149 (2022)

Development of a novel testing methodology for in-situ microstructural characterisation during continuous strain path change
Dhara S., Taylor S., Figiel L., Hughes D.J., Hazra S.
Materials Characterization 183, 111610 (2022)

Aluminium recycling: Is there still magic?
G. Scamans
Aluminium International Today Vol. 34, Iss. 3, 21 – 22 (2021)

Development of Extruded Battery Enclosures for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles
Z. Li, S. Nammi, A. Prabakar, G. Scamans, I. Chang, H. Assadi, Z. Fan
Light Metal Age, 2021

Enabling the Development of Innovative Lightweight Battery Enclosures in the U.K.
J. Nebreda, G. Scamans, Z. Fan, M. Jarrett, E. Beslin
Light Metal Age, Pages 21-22, 2022

The Importance of Material Information to the Circular Economy
Sumit Hazra and Zushu Li
IOM3 Special Edition on Circular Economy, 13.07.2022


• Reports

Steeling for a sustainable future: How could the UK steel industry compete through the supply chain?
Zhang, W., Chakuu, S., Godsell, J. & Li, Z.
University of Warwick, 2021

Steeling for a Sustainable Future 


Domestic Scrap Steel Recycling – Economic, Environmental and Social Opportunities
Hall, Russell, Zhang, Wanrong and Li, Zushu
University of Warwick, 2021

Domestic Scrap Steel Recycling 


• Proceedings

In-situ study of strain and texture evolution during continuous strain path change
Dhara S., Figiel L., Taylor S., Shollock B., Hazra S.
Proceedings of ESAFORM 2021





• Reports

Navigating the Transition: Pathways to a Circular Metal Economy in the UK
Authors: Franconi, A., Ceschin, F., Harrison, D. & Godsell, J.
The Interdisciplinary Centre For Circular Metals
February 20, 2024
ISBN 9781908549600

Circular Business Models for Metals
Authors: Franconi, A., Ceschin, F., Godsell, J., & Harrison, D.
The Interdisciplinary Centre For Circular Metals
December 15, 2023
ISBN 9781908549587


• Papers

Structuring Circular Objectives and Design Strategies for the Circular Economy: A Multi-Hierarchical Theoretical Framework
Alessio Franconi, Fabrizio Ceschin, David Peck
Sustainability 2022, 14(15), 9298


• Proceedings

Franconi, A., Ceschin, F., Godsell, J., Harrison, D., Mate, O. A., & Konteh, T. (2023). “Co-creating sociotechnical visions for a circular metal economy transition in the UK“. Presented at the 5th Product Lifetimes And The Environment Conference (PLATE 2023), 31 May – 2 June 2023, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

Franconi, A., Ceschin, F., Terzioglu, N., Corsini, L., & Ghoreishi, M. (2023). “Defining alternative recovery strategies for reuse: An analysis of multiple case studies under the reuse umbrella“. Presented at the 5th Product Lifetimes And The Environment Conference (PLATE 2023), 31 May – 2 June 2023, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

Konteh, T., Ceschin, F., Harrison, D., Franconi, A., & Minton, T., (2023). “Circular Product Design Strategies, Principles and Guidelines for the Metal Sector“. Presented at the 5th Product Lifetimes And The Environment Conference (PLATE 2023), 31 May – 2 June 2023, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.


• In press book chapter

Ghoreishi, M., Franconi, A., Mate, O. A., Godsell, J., Pynnönenb, M., (2023). “Supply Chain 4.0 and the Transition towards a Circular Economy” in “Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains in an era of Digital Transformation: Research Developments and Future Prospects”. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited


• Papers under review

Decarbonizing the UK Steel Industry: a decomposition analysis of the drivers of production-based CO2 emissions trajectory and dynamics
Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed, Jan Godsell, Wanrong Zhang
Applied Energy / Future Viability Project

Decarbonizing the UK Iron & Steel Industry: Decarbonizing the UK Steel Sector: assessment of supply-side low-carbon technology diffusion scenarios and demand-side circular economy strategies
Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed, Jan Godsell, Wanrong Zhang
Resources, Conservation and Recycling / Future Viability Project





• Papers

Decarbonizing steel making in China through circular economy approaches
Teresa Domenech, Raimund Bleischwitz, Alvaro Calzadilla
One Earth Vol. 5, Issue 8, 856 – 858, 2022

Coupling circularity performance and climate action: From disciplinary silos to transdisciplinary modelling science
Nikas A., Xexakis G., Koasidis K., Acosta-Fernández J., Arto I., Calzadilla A., Domenech T., Gambhir A., Giljum S., Gonzalez-Eguino M., Herbst A., Ivanova O., van Sluisveld M., Van De Ven D., Karamaneas A., Doukas H.
Sustainable Production and Consumption 30, 269 – 277 (2022)

The circular economy in China: achievements, challenges and potential implications for decarbonization
Raimund Bleischwitz, Miying Yang, Beijia Huang, Xiaozhen XU, Jie Zhou, Will McDowall, Philip Andrews-Speed, Zhe Liu, Geng Yong
Resources, Conservation & Recycling 183, 106350 (2022)


• Reports

Animate Materials: Perspective
M. Miodownik & Morris (Eds)
Royal Society, 2021

Animate Materials: Perspective 


Towards Net Zero in UK Manufacturing
Matthew Winning, Catherine Willan
UCL in partnership with HSBC, 2021

Towards Net Zero 


Considerations for the design of a UK Repairability Index
Mark Miodownik

UK Repairability Index 


• Books

Matt Winning, UCL, 2021
ISBN 13: 9781472276681