The Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Metals has Launched

On Monday 10 May, the Centre for Circular Metals was launched online by public webinar.

Guests and speakers included Vice Chancellor of Brunel University London, Professor Julia Buckingham and Baroness Brown of Cambridge. Partners discussed how they will be working to achieve the goal of making the UK the world’s first metal fully circular economy . The welcome session included a discussion panel of academics and industrial partners, where viewers could ask questions relating to the project. A recording of the full event is available online:

This Centre is a collaboration between Brunel University London, Warwick Manufacturing Group and University College London. It is part of a series of five centres receiving a share of £22.5 million of government investment. Together, the centres will be lower the environmental impact of production and consumption of resources across the UK.

Learn more about the team who will be working to achieve a circular metal economy.